Update on Boeing Workers’ Fight for Justice and Democratic Rights

Below are links to articles published in Labor Notes written by Jon Flanders, a retired member of the International Association of Machinists (IAM), and Jim Levitt, a 35 year machinist at the Boeing company. Their articles focus on the Boeing workers’ struggle to restore their benefits and rights, taken from them by an unholy alliance of the company, big business groups, politicians and IAM top national officials. We strongly urge readers to click on the links to get the full picture as to what has happened and what must be done going forward.

The Labor Fightback Network has been in solidarity with the Boeing workers from day one of this fight. When thousands of the affected workers in the second contract re-vote were disenfranchised — and many of those who did vote were not given adequate opportunity to discuss, debate and make thoughtful decisions — it was clear to us that basic workers’ rights were being trampled upon and that if left standing the results of this so-called re-vote of the second contract would be a horrendous blow to the entire labor movement.

For that reason, we are especially appreciative of Jon Flanders’s and Jim Levitt’s articles and urge that they be disseminated as widely as possible.

The question of the legality of the re-vote is currently before the National Labor Relations Board, where objections were filed by a number of Boeing workers protesting the holding of the re-vote of the second contract and the procedures followed in the conduct of that re-vote. As part of their fightback campaign, Boeing workers are urging supporters to sign the petition urging the Board to order the nullification of the re-vote or at least another vote on the second contract. To sign this online petition click: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/support-iam-751-machinsts

Click here: Boeing Machinists Narrowly Approve End to Pensions | Labor Notes

Click here: Outrage at Boeing Spurs Reformers’ Bid for Top Spots in Machinists Union | Labor Notes


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