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The Labor Movement and the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign

The Bernie Sanders “political revolution” is shaking things up in the labor movement to an extent we haven’t seen in many decades. Workers who passively went along with what the trade union leadership called for in the past are finding … Continue reading

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Demand Justice for the Immigrant Community!

Fear and loathing campaigns have been used effectively in past election cycles by George H.W. Bush and by George W. Bush. In 1988, Bush #1 cast himself as being tough on crime, leveling Michael Dukakis over the William R. “Willie” … Continue reading

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Reply to William Kaufman’s “The Sanders Paradox: a Brief for Bernie” by Millie Phillips

Click here to read “The Sanders Paradox.” I always question those who blatantly shame others. That’s something the “hard left” gets blamed of doing, often correctly, but Kaufman is acting like the very caricature he is denouncing. People of goodwill … Continue reading

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