Open Letter to United Steelworkers President Leo W. Gerard

Leo W. Gerard
International President
United Steelworkers

Dear President Gerard:

The undersigned are leaders of the Labor Fightback Network, a national formation that advocates a more militant and aggressive labor fightback against the escalating attacks directed by the corporations against our unions.

We are writing to express our appreciation for the campaign you and your union are waging to defeat the TPP. Your comment that “TPP may be the final blow to manufacturing in America” succinctly sums up what is at stake here in this historic fight to prevent the TPP’s enactment.

We recognize that the many organizations that oppose the TPP are employing diverse tactics to educate and to expand the numbers of active opponents of the trade pact. All of these, of course, contribute to the overall goal and have their value. However, time is rapidly running out for us to defeat TPP. We feel strongly that there is no substitute for as many organizations as possible to work together to organize a national day of action featuring a mass demonstration in Washington, D.C., the seat of power where the decision on the measure will ultimately be made. We are confident that with your union leading the way, in combination with environmentalists and our other allies, a united day of action would generate a turnout of hundreds of thousands. News coverage of the event would help educate millions, who may be unaware of the existential damage that would result if TPP were to be enacted.

A call for workers and others to take to the streets of Washington, D.C., would send a clear-cut and unmistakable message to corporate America that we are bound and determined to do whatever is necessary to defeat TPP. Moreover, it would energize our ranks and provide an additional avenue for organizing and reaching out to the population as a whole.

We hope that you feel the same and will initiate the steps needed to organize and build a day of action with the objective being to mobilize enough people to subject the TPP to a crushing defeat.

In solidarity,

Donna Dewitt, President Emeritus, South Carolina AFL-CIO
Dennis Serrette, Former CWA International Education Director (Ret.)
Carol Gay, President, New Jersey State Industrial Union Council;
former CWA International Representative
Alan Benjamin, Executive Committee, San Francisco Labor Council
Jerry Levinsky, SEIU Local 509
Millie Phillips, Former member, IBEW Local 1245
Tom Bias, ITU Local 103 (Ret.)
Jerry Gordon, UFCW International Representative (Ret.)

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