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This is the discussion blog of the Labor Fightback Network, an auxiliary to the website. It is designed to facilitate discussion among labor activists concerning the critical issues facing working people in the current economic crisis. Readers’ comments are welcome, but flaming is not. Any comments which are racist, sexist/homophobic, or disrespectful on a personal level will not get past moderation.

Hands off Venezuela! All Out March 16 and March 30!

Statement by the Labor Fightback Network The Labor Fightback Network firmly opposes attempts by the U.S. government and its allies to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela. Support for the aborted coup in 2002, economic embargo since, covert support for … Continue reading

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No War! No Coup! U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!

Dear Sisters and Brothers, On February 6, the National Steering Committee of the Labor Fightback Network discussed the imminent threat of direct U.S.-led military intervention against the sovereign nation of Venezuela. The Trump administration’s goal, openly stated, is to impose regime-change … Continue reading

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Hands Off Venezuela

U.S. Labor Against the War Statement on U.S. Intervention in Venezuela January 27, 2019 U.S. Labor Against the War opposes the Trump Administration intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela. The U.S. has no legitimate claim to intervene in the … Continue reading

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Defend Undocumented Workers! End the Government Shutdown!

The Trump administration continues to claim that the Central American migrant caravan is invading California. More than 7,000 Central Americans have come to the U.S. southern border, not to invade or even to enter the US outside of legal means, … Continue reading

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Single Payer Universal Health Care: Building a Pathway to Victory

by Sandy Eaton, RN, Dialogue & Initiative, August 2018 This year is pivotal for shifting the balance of forces in the United States away from the proponents of austerity, racism, war and fascism. People are coming together not only to … Continue reading

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Walking Away from the Democratic Party—One Person’s Story

by Thomas Bias, National Secretary, Labor Fightback Network August 28, 2018 Fifty years ago today I turned my back and walked away from the Democratic party. From that day to this I have never looked back. Like so many college … Continue reading

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The Anti-Trump Resistance and the Democratic Party

It would be surprising if anyone who believes in peace, justice, economic equality, and environmental protection did not feel white-hot anger at the policies and pronouncements of President Donald John Trump. He is not only a racist, sexist, labor-hating, war-mongering … Continue reading

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